Study and Research

Since 2008, all research activities and scholarships chosen by Ermitage Italia Scientific Board have started. They have contributed to characterize the Foundation as an historical and artistic research outpost on cultural relationships between Italy and Russia developed in the modern age.
These studies have involved young scholars from Italian and foreign universities and curators from different departments of the Hermitage Museum and other Russian Institutions. They have all given their contributions to seminars and meetings devoted to the results of their researches.
The Foundation, by means of scholarships, promotes then studies on restoration, conservation, art collecting, cataloguing and development of Italian and Russian cultural heritage, by means of a continuous and accurate comparison.

Applications to scholarships
Scholars and researchers who are interested in scholarships for 2011 can read attached “Rules” and send, until November 30, 2010, requested documentation by post to the address: Corso Giovecca 148/A - Complesso di Palazzo Giglioli, 44100 Ferrara; or by fax to the number +39 0532 1863614; or by mail to

Acrobat.png  Rules