The aims of the Ermitage Italia Research and Cultural Centre, as laid down in the Foundation’s statute, are as follows:
  • to promote activities of a scientific nature for a more thorough classification of the Italian art collection at the State Hermitage Museum, which also includes the publication of the respective results in traditional or electronic media;
  • to set up a database on the history of art collecting in Italy in relation to the collections of the State Hermitage Museum;
  • to organize refresher courses in the field of art history, culture, museum management, restoration and conservation, services and cultural heritage management, for employees of the State Hermitage Museum, other Russian museums, and Italian museums and cultural institutes;
  • to organize scientific conferences, seminars, meetings and round tables on themes such as art history, culture, museum management, restoration, conservation and cultural heritege management;
  • to publish, in the form of monographs, traditional and e-publications, the results of researches carried out by collaborators of Ermitage Italia, other Russian museums and Italian scientific and cultural institutions, in the ambit of the projects of the programme of cooperation between the State Hermitage Museum, the Municipality of Ferrara and the Emilia Romagna Region, known as the “Ermitage Italia Research and Cultural Centre Programme”;
  • to provide scientific and cultural support for research and educational programmes in institutions of higher learning in fields related to the aims of the Foundation;
  • to provide support for programmes of cooperation between the State Hermitage Museum and other Russian museums, and Italian research and cultural institutions, coordinated by the Fondazione Ermitage Italia;
  • to stage exhibitions, mainly in Ferrara, on the basis of specific agreements and regulations, featuring works from the State Hermitage collections and possibly involving other museums in Russia and the world, and, more generally, to organize exhibitions that are of relevant scientific or cultural interest and/or have as their subject cultural heritage as in Legislative Decree. No. 42/2004;
  • to develop and generally promote important cultural and artistic study, research and documentation activities, also with a view to the acquisition, enhancement, upkeep and preservation or restoration of cultural heritage;
  • to acquire assets and services, at the most advantageous market prices, necessary for the realization of the activities of the Foundation.